W3C Social Business Jam   W3C Social Business Jam

Jam Rules
In the W3C Social Business Jam, the hosts and forum leaders will present topics to encourage conversation and innovation around Social Business. Since the goal is to have a free and open exchange of ideas in a "public commons" environment, we ask you to agree to the following rules so everyone’s rights can be protected:
  • Except for the provisions below, information you contribute to the Jam will be deemed non-confidential.
  • Anyone is free to copy, change, and distribute material you contribute without royalties or restrictions. This "free license" doesn’t apply to patents or patent applications. If you know of any patents that may relate to your contribution, you will state that in your contribution.
  • At the conclusion of the Jam, we may decide to advance the work into a W3C report or consume the information in a W3C Community Group. If you decide to participate in the group, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of such group.
  • You will not provide any software code.
  • You will not discuss any pricing, contract terms, output, or other information that could present any issues under any country’s antitrust or competition laws.
  • If you are employed, sponsored or financed by a company or other entity, you are accepting these rules on behalf of that company or other entity as well as for yourself, and you agree that you are authorized to do so.
Supplemental Jam Rules for media/bloggers/analysts

Even though during the Jam, the W3C encourages a free and open exchange of ideas in a "public commons" environment, this does not mean the Jam takes place in a public forum. The Jam is hosted on a protected platform behind a firewall. It is open only to those who have been invited. It is important that you respect the privacy of all Jam participants. We ask that you agree to the Jam Rules and the following supplemental Rules:
  • You will provide your full name, email, and company/employer and identify yourself as a journalist, industry analyst or blogger during the Jam.
  • You will not use, report, reference, or otherwise make public under any circumstance the names of, or any information that could be used to identify, any individual and/or company participating in the Jam without written consent from the individual or company and the W3C.
  • You will not record, broadcast and/or reproduce exact content (i.e. screen grabs) or images from the Jam without written consent from the W3C.
Provided you follow these and the other Jam Rules, you are permitted to report on, share and/or publish personal accounts of your own experiences and provide general characterizations or an overview of the ideas and exchanges before, during or after the Jam.

Solicitation, profanity, personal attacks, threats or harassment are not acceptable and subject to editing or removal. W3C reserves the right to remove your access to the Jam if the terms of this agreement are not met.

Acceptance of the Jam Rules by clicking "I agree," you are confirming that you are 18 years of age or older and have read and agree to these rules.