IBMers are always thinking about how to deliver the best possible experiences for our clients-

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IBMers are always thinking about how to deliver the best possible experiences for our clients- whether it's innovative cloud computing solutions, big data analytics, social business for industries or making the most of mobile for the enterprise—IBMers want to bring the most value to our clients. One way IBMers address great challenges is to "jam" together in massive online collaborative experiences. An IBM Jam is a guided online discussion with thousands of trusted collaborators from which we extract insights, discoveries and decisions.

Thousands of IBM employees jammed on how we create the best experiences for our clients from March 12–15th, 2013. The Jam is over and in read–only mode now -- it will be available for several weeks. This Jam is for IBM employees only. You will need a valid IBM email address in order to read the jam. If you are an IBM employee, you must use your IBM email address to register.

The history of Jams

Since 2001, IBM has used jams to involve its more than 400,000 employees around the world in far-reaching exploration and problem-solving. ValuesJam in 2003 gave IBM's workforce the opportunity to redefine the core IBM values for the first time in nearly 100 years. During IBM's 2006 Innovation Jam™ - the largest IBM online brainstorming session ever held - IBM brought together more than 150,000 people from 104 countries and 67 companies. As a result, 10 new IBM businesses were launched with seed investment totaling $100 million.

Jams are not restricted to business. Their methods, tools and technology can also be applied to social issues. In 2005,the Government of Canada, UN-HABITAT and IBM hosted Habitat Jam. Tens of thousands of participants - from urban specialists, to government leaders, to residents from cities around the world - discussed issues of urban sustainability. Their ideas shaped the agenda for the UN World Urban Forum, held in June 2006. People from 158 countries registered for the jam and shared their ideas for action to improve the environment, health, safety and quality of life in the world's burgeoning cities.

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Not an IBM employee?

Not an IBM employee, but interested in IBM Jams? We'd be delighted to talk with you about how our Jam methodology can reveal insights, promote positive change and help you discover new sources of value in your organization. Contact Liam Cleaver and/or Kristine Lawas.

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A decade of Jamming

Liam Cleaver, Director, IBM Jam Program Office, discusses Jams and how they can transform an enterprise.